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Meng Qing, secretary of the Juxian County Party Committee, and Fei Lizhi, the county magistrate, visited the Muyang New Energy Industrial Park!

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  On the morning of the 6th, Meng Qing, Secretary of the County Party Committee of Juxian County and Fei Lizhi, the County Mayor, led a group of leaders from various departments to inspect and guide Muyang New Energy Industrial Park. Tian Maoyu, Chairman of Muyang Company, warmly received Secretary Meng and his party.
The chairman led Secretary Meng and his party to visit the Muyang exhibition hall. From the founding of the factory to the production of 600,000 enamel tanks in Muyang, and to today becoming the "Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Supplier Brands", Muyang has always been on this path. With the work style of "focus on the big, start with the small, innovative work, efficiency first." The work style is to do the most effective things in the shortest time. Thousands of engineering cases are the affirmation of Muyang's products and the testimony of Muyang's efforts over the past 15 years.
  After the visit, Secretary Meng and his party affirmed Muyang's development speed and praised the intelligent robot manufacturing adopted by Muyang New Energy. The air energy heater and hot air blower project that Muyang will put into production has also played a demonstrative role for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.
  "Made in China 2025" mentioned that it is necessary to actively lead the green development of emerging industries from a high starting point, and vigorously promote the green and low-carbon development of new materials, new energy, high-end equipment, and the biological industry. In the future, Muyang will respond to the policy, continue to adhere to the concept of "energy saving, emission reduction, green environmental protection", and always insist on innovation and change to achieve sustained and orderly development, and unlock N possibilities in the new energy industry.
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