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Legend of Muyang: Walk with the strong

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  Sun World Guide: On January 22, 2015, the Muyang Strategic Cooperation Summit and New Product Launch Conference was held in the scenic Blue Ocean International Hotel. In addition to Muyang engineers, agents, suppliers and partners, Muyang also invited nearly 500 people from the chairman and vice-chairmen of China Solar Thermal Utilization Industry Association and several media to attend the meeting.
  The key word of this conference is "innovation and strength". Through this annual meeting, Muyang released several new products, which contained countless innovative technology highlights; in addition, Muyang general manager Tian Lulong released several groups at the conference. The figures also reflect Muyang's outstanding achievements and extraordinary contributions in the solar energy engineering market in 2014.
  According to Tian Maoyu, Chairman of Muyang, the purpose of this meeting is to report Muyang’s achievements in the field of solar energy engineering in the past year to industry colleagues and partners; the second is to review Muyang’s development After sorting out the development model of Muyang, Muyang, which has experienced ten years of hard work, has now achieved some phased results. Muyang hopes to share with you its own success and reflections on its shortcomings; third, and most importantly, Muyang I hope to use the platform of the annual meeting of the company to invite industry leaders and experts to report the latest policy developments in the CSP industry to the participants, and to convey the latest developments and ideas of industrial development through policy interpretation and expert research. The people of Muyang believe that only by paying close attention to national policies and following the policy orientation can they make their own market path smoother; fourth, this meeting is also Muyang’s "electric shock" journey, in order to enrich Muyang’s product line , To build a century-old company and a world-famous brand, Muyang took advantage of this corporate annual meeting to release several new home appliances.
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