Muyang 10th Anniversary Daqing and 600000 sets of enamel water tank production line offline ceremony

Time:2018-11-08 09:37

Ten years of Muyang, thick accumulation and thin hair, strong clothing order, new situation, haze control, the Chinese dream!
After a few years of development, Muyang has become the largest production base of flat panel solar collectors and enamel water tanks in China since its launch. The domestic sales of flat panel wall-mounted solar energy is far ahead!
The celebration of the 10th anniversary of Muyang and the offline ceremony of 600000 sets of enamel water tank production line is scheduled to be held in Linyi Muyang Company at 9:18 a.m. on May 19. At that time, there will be the release of the industry's top products and the launch of Muyang National Laboratory. It also shows Muyang in the era of great change and under the new situation to the industry, shows the innovation achievements of Muyang, reflects the positive energy of Muyang, and welcomes industry elites, partners, industry media and new and old friends of Muyang to attend the ceremony!
Check in all day on May 18 at the Pullman Hotel (super five-star), Lushang, Linyi. At 8:30 in the morning of May 19, the company bus arrived at Muyang Company, and the ceremony was held at 9:18, and the banquet was held at 11:58. The banquet was high-grade and elegant. There are two routes to travel in the afternoon: A. Red Menglianggu: watch the Menglianggu battle scenic spot and stay in Mengyin at night. B. Sunshine: experience the blue sky, blue sea and golden beach, and stay in Sunshine at night. This celebration allows you to feel Muyang in the era of great changes in the solar energy industry and the new situation, observe the release of top products in Muyang, and experience the prosperity of the industry. China is strong and has Muyang! Navigate to Pullman Hotel, Linyi.