Fei Lizhi, governor of Juxian County, visited Muyang New Energy Industrial Park!

Time:2018-11-08 09:13

On the afternoon of November 1, Ju County Mayor Fei Lizhi led the leaders of all departments to visit Muyang New Energy Industrial Park for inspection and guidance. Tian Maoyu, the chairman of Muyang Company, warmly received the delegation.
The chairman of the board led Mr. Fei and his party to visit the exhibition hall of Muyang New Energy Industrial Park. In the exhibition hall, Muyang Company's introduction, development history, qualification and honor, project cases, cooperative real estate, and products were presented one by one in front of you, so that you can intuitively understand the development and achievements of Muyang in the past 15 years.
After visiting the exhibition hall, the chairman of the board introduced to the county magistrate Fei and his party the project of the production line of 100000 sets of air-energy heaters and hot-air fans to be built and put into operation in Muyang, which could increase employment by more than 100 people. According to the calculation of daily coal saving of conventional air energy, 8 million tons of boiler coal can be saved every year, which can make outstanding contributions to reducing energy consumption, energy conservation and emission reduction.
In the future, Muyang will live up to expectations. With the care and support of the Juxian County Party Committee and the government, it will combine the leading power of the government with the organic power of Muyang to continuously develop Muyang's industry and continue to contribute to the development and construction of its hometown.