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New Emgrand Series

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Vacuum tube type: Arctic purple gold tube, resistant to low temperature and high cold
Vacuum tube specifications: Φ58 ×1800 (mm), 16-30
Water tank shell: imported zinc color steel plate, fluorocarbon plate
Water tank liner: imported SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
Insulation material: imported polyurethane one-time integral foaming molding, constant temperature curing, full 360 degree insulation, thickness 60-65mm
Water tank capacity: 85-245 liters
Bracket: Use widened and thickened, high-quality imported galvanized steel plate, high-voltage electrostatic spray, car-grade paint, semi-circular cornerless edge crimping process, with enlarged water tank holder, high-quality inner hexagonal stainless steel screw, bracket color Flash, elegant and refined, magnificent and rich. The bracket can be used for both flat and inclined.
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