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Balcony full smart series

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Muyang flat wall-mounted original all-in-one machine
1. Equipped with thick stainless steel bellows from Muyang Company, which solves the hidden danger of pipeline leakage
2. Equipped with special superconducting medium from Muyang Company, which solves the hidden dangers of rust and corrosion of the water tank
3. Equipped with stainless steel national standard nuts from Muyang Company, which solves the hidden dangers of rusty pipe fittings and short life span
4. Equipped with Muyang company safety valve, which solves the hidden dangers of unstable water pressure and affecting the service life of the water tank
5. Equipped with Muyang company's variable brackets, which solves the hidden dangers of unstable installation, rusty brackets and short life.
6. It is equipped with high-quality insulation cotton from Muyang Company, which solves the hidden dangers of insulation loss, heat loss and frost damage
7. Equipped with Muyang company's anti-electric switch and leakage device to realize 0.1 second leakage protection and solve the hidden danger of unsafe bathing
Create an era of free solar panels
☆The flat plate collector adopts high-efficiency blue film/black film imported from Germany, with high-efficiency heat-absorbing coating, and adopts copper-aluminum composite with tempered glass as the cover.
☆The unique anti-hot water backflow technology of the system greatly improves the thermal cycle efficiency.
☆Photoelectric automatic complementary, economical and durable, and equipped with multiple functions such as remote control.
☆The heat collection cycle of the system is a closed pressure-bearing operation, which has higher thermal efficiency and avoids the working fluid loss of the open heat collection cycle system.
☆All-red copper high-strength heat exchanger, and the industry's unique technology of soft connection between the heat exchanger and the tank liner, solves the frequent leakage of the water tank.
☆The water tank liner adopts the enamel liner currently selected for high-end electric water heaters. It adopts imported American Flow special enamel powder, super-thick pressure-resistant enamel special pressure-resistant steel plate, the thickness is more than 2.0mm, the pressure is more than 2.0Mpa, and the quality is excellent. The life span is more than 15 years.
☆The water tank adopts internationally advanced sandwich heat exchange structure technology, superconducting medium circulation, no freezing at minus 40 degrees, completely solving the problem of freezing in winter, large heat exchange area, and good heat accumulation effect.
Performance advantage
1. Board core: copper-aluminum composite/pressure-bearing copper tube/German blue film/black film, whole board welding
2. Coating: blue titanium heat-absorbing coating, super blue film, absorption rate 95-96%, reflectivity>20%/black chrome: "titanium" element is added to the heat-collecting coating, the heat absorption rate is as high as 96%, Anti-attenuation, anti-falling, long-lasting and efficient heat absorption, rapid heat transfer, and the heat absorption rate remains as high as 92% after ten years.
3. Cover plate: PPG tempered glass, resistant to strong resistance; polycarbonate sun board
4. Insulation material: high-density glass wool fiber
5. Frame: thickened aluminum alloy plate, (color adjustable, mechanical strength ≥270N/m2)
6. Back panel: hot-dip galvanized sheet
7. Operation: Embedded smart core, with intelligence such as temperature difference cycle, overheat protection, timing electric heating, pressure limit, etc., all smart button operation, hot water at your fingertips, making bathing easier.
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