The fire of Muyang set the prairie ablaze China

Time:2018-11-08 09:24

Four years ago, Muyang, under the leadership of the chairman of the board, made every effort to develop the engineering market. At that time, the industry was at a loss about the balcony wall-mounted solar energy market, while Muyang people were full of confidence, and built the largest flat panel wall-mounted solar energy complete industrial chain in China.
In the past few years, the chairman has been devising strategies; Muyang production personnel are innovative and hard working; The sales staff have made miraculous achievements in China, pioneering and expanding the territory.
With professional products and services, Muyang has undertaken most of the large number of flat wall hanging projects in China, and the Chairman of the Board will personally visit the site to guide and review each major project, and strive for Muyang project to achieve the industry benchmark! It is also the rigorous and enterprising attitude of Muyang people that has been recognized by many partners, making Muyang the most powerful new force in the solar energy industry!
Today, the Chairman's footsteps have come to the site where 2660 units of the first phase of the Lu'an Project in Anhui Province are about to be completed. Several projects that are about to be completed in Hefei and Fuyang are also welcoming the Chairman's review. In Shaanxi, Muyang people are working on the design and installation of the second flat-panel wall-mounted solar cell in Shaanxi Province; In Ningxia, Muyang has successively won the bid for the flat wall hanging project of nearly 5000 affordable housing projects, and some projects have been installed in succession; In Hebei, the largest residential area in Baoding, Beicheng Fengjing Residential Area, has a total of more than 7600 households, and the last 2600 units have been installed in succession; In Henan, the second phase of the first wall-mounted solar energy project community in Swan City, Xinxiang, is nearing completion; In Shandong, the 1556 indemnificatory housing projects in Heze area have just been hung with tall wall-mounted solar energy; In Hubei, in Wuhan, where there are few projects, there will soon be buildings integrated with Muyang solar energy buildings in front of people
A single spark can start a prairie fire, which is the belief of Muyang people several years ago; Today, the fire of Muyang and the burning of China are an accumulation, a precipitation and a trend!