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Shandong Muyang New Energy Co., Ltd., as the leader of China's flat-panel solar water heating system and distributed photovoltaic power generation, was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It has the largest industrial chain and the largest industrial chain of flat solar collectors and enamel water tanks in China. Advanced photovoltaic module automatic production line, global professional supplier of solar water heating system and photovoltaic system. At present, the company has set up: Shandong Muyang New Energy Co., Ltd., a Linyi Muyang Solar Energy Co., Ltd. The company's leading products are solar water heaters, photovoltaic modules and power stations, air energy hot water machines, balcony wall-mounted solar / vacuum tube solar / air energy enamel buffer tank / flat collector and other solar energy products. As a professional researcher of solar energy and other new energy application products, Muyang Company provides solar water heating system solutions for millions of households with its leading domestic and international technology level.



2004 Year
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[Sincere service warms people's hearts, and a banner shows gratitude] The company's after-sales service won the banner

Recently, the after-sales team of Muyang New Energy received a banner from the owner of Rongyue Metropolitan, a new city holding company, which said "the owner is responsible". In particular, most after-sales personnel have taken annual leave near the Spring Festival. However, during this critical period, the after-sales department of Muyang New Energy arranged personnel on duty to ensure after-sales service during the Spring Festival. The owner spoke highly of the company's after-sales team's professional ability and service attitude, and expressed sincere gratitude to the company's after-sales team.


Muyang legend: walk with the strong

Guide to the Sun: On January 22, 2015, the Muyang Strategic Cooperation Summit and New Products Conference was held in the beautiful Blue Ocean International Hotel. In addition to Muyang engineers, agents, suppliers and partners,


The direct supply meeting of Muyang Factory, Huayin Station, has a remarkable effect!

On March 31, the direct supply meeting of Muyang Factory entered Huayin. There were five towns and townships in Huayin, and Muyang agents from five regions led more than 50 intended users to participate in the product promotion activity.