Villa style series

Overview:Appearance: The flat plate collector is installed on the roof, which is convenient for the perfect combination with the building.

Product details

Installation requirements: pipeline embedment.
User grade: high-grade.
Scope of application: high-grade villa or high-grade low-rise residence.
Technical features:
1. Appearance: The flat plate collector is installed on the roof, which is convenient for the perfect combination with the building.
2. System stability: the heat collection system is safe and reliable, without freezing, scaling, leakage and other problems.
3. Solar energy utilization rate: the solar energy mode ensures the maximum use of solar energy during the day and saves energy to a large extent; The owner can also set the starting time of auxiliary energy according to his own habits.
4. The water tank is under pressure: the water tank is under pressure, the tap water top water is discharged, the pressure is stable, and the cold and hot water are mixed evenly.
5. Control: The user does not need to control the solar hot water system, but only needs to control the start and stop of auxiliary energy, which is simple, convenient and easy to operate.
6. Safety of electricity use: The water used in the pressure water tank is designed with an anti-electricity wall, which is safer and more reliable.
7. Life of collector: the life of flat plate collector is more than 25 years, modular and easy to disassemble and install.
8. Water quality: the system adopts secondary heat exchange, and the hot water produced in the water tank is clean, sanitary, free of impurities and pollution.
9. Later maintenance: the system is fully pressure-bearing and fully automatic, and the maintenance is simple, convenient and fast.
Performance advantages:
1. Plate core: all-aluminum alloy/pressure-bearing copper-aluminum composite/all-copper plate core
2. Coating: black chrome plating, absorption rate of 95-96%, reflectivity of<10%/blue titanium: adding "titanium" element in the heat collection coating, heat absorption rate of up to 96%, anti-attenuation, anti-falling, heat absorption lasting and efficient, rapid heat transfer
3. Cover plate: tempered glass, with strong resistance; Polycarbonate solar panel
4. Thermal insulation material: high-density glass wool fiber
5. Frame: thickened aluminum alloy plate (color adjustable, mechanical strength ≥ 270N/m2)
6. Back plate: hot-dip galvanized plate

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