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5kw power station

5kW household grid-connected power generation system
★The grid-connected distributed photovoltaic power generation system can be installed on the ground or on the roof of various houses in areas covered by the power grid. The capacity ranges from 2KW to 5KW. It can be installed appropriately according to the self-consumption.
★Spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online: The electricity generated can be returned to the public grid to obtain electricity price subsidies, and it can also be consumed by users themselves (and can also receive electricity price subsidies).
★Using high-tech communication means, users can monitor the operation of the system through various mobile devices.
★Provide the most thorough green energy, no pollution, no greenhouse gas emissions.
★The implementation of the electricity price subsidy policy will help users to recover their investment within a few years, and greatly reduce electricity expenses.
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