Inspire a sense of mission, condense a sense of belonging, strengthen a sense of responsibility, give a sense of honor, and achieve a sense of accomplishment
Enterprise tenet: create a world brand, do a hundred years of Muyang
Corporate philosophy: saving energy, environmental protection China
Service concept: Service is also a product, a continuation of product and brand life, perfect service to create a perfect brand.
Talent concept: There is no eternal genius, only learning talent. Learning ability determines the ability to survive. Respect talents, train talents, and create talents.
Time concept: Time is the most expensive one-time lost cost, using time to plan our lives.
Idea: Change life, start by changing oneself; change oneself, start by changing thoughts; change thoughts, start from changing behaviors: change behavior, from now on...
The concept of success: no failure, only give up; Xiaocheng relies on wisdom and great success...
The core concept: integrity, work with heart; innovation beyond, pursuit of excellence
Honesty and integrity: Integrity is the foundation of doing things. If you lose your integrity, you lose your personality and dignity, and use your integrity to build your personal brand and personal integrity.
Do things with your heart: doing things seriously can only do things right, and do things with your heart to get things done.
Innovation beyond: Innovation is the eternal driving force of Muyang's progress, unlimited development, unlimited innovation, training the courage and strategy of transcending self, surpassing the opponent, surpassing in innovation and growing in transcendence.
Pursuit of excellence: It is a kind of height, a kind of realm, and a kind of strength. The staged segmentation of the established goals, in the process of pursuing the ultimate goal of high standards, understanding and realizing the value of life, and understanding the truth of life.
Team spirit: Perseverance, progress, selfless dedication, self-improvement, and perfect team.
Work style: Focus on the big picture, start small, innovate work, and efficiency first. It is necessary to have the height and depth of thought, the ability and level of landing, the creative thinking in the work, and the most effective things in the shortest time.
Public principle: It can best reflect the comprehensive quality and cultivation of a person in public! Speculation in public events is the most dangerous thing!
Quality concept: character is the product, excellent product is made by excellent people, I am the user, and the product is made by the user.
Muyang slogan: China is strong, there is Muyang!
Muyang came and swayed all the way to the fragrance of the road; he paid a piece of applause for his true feelings.