Company Profile

muyang  Shandong Muyang New Energy Co., Ltd., as the leader of China's flat-panel solar water heating system and distributed photovoltaic power generation, was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It has the largest industrial chain and the largest industrial chain of flat solar collectors and enamel water tanks in China. Advanced photovoltaic module automatic production line, global professional supplier of solar water heating system and photovoltaic system. At present, the company has set up: Shandong Muyang New Energy Co., Ltd., a Linyi Muyang Solar Energy Co., Ltd. The company's leading products are solar water heaters, photovoltaic modules and power stations, air energy hot water machines, balcony wall-mounted solar / vacuum tube solar / air energy enamel buffer tank / flat collector and other solar energy products. As a professional researcher of solar energy and other new energy application products, Muyang Company provides solar water heating system solutions for millions of households with its leading domestic and international technology level.
  Since its establishment, the company has won the well-known trademarks, Shandong famous brand, home appliances to the countryside winning brand, energy-saving products Huimin project and other honors, and passed ISO9001, ISO14001, national 3C certification, environmental label certification, national Kangju certification, energy-saving product certification, photovoltaic products Successfully passed the CQC Golden Sun certification, the photovoltaic leader is in the process. All products are qualified products through national and provincial laboratory tests.